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  E-Design Book  

  E-Design Book  

  E-Design Book  

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  Service Book  

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  Online E-Design  

  Online E-Design  

  Online E-Design  

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What you'll get:


2 vision boards for furniture and accessory concepts

1 floor plan layout for furniture

1 overall revision

All furnishings selection

An inspirational colour pallet

Drapery and window treatments

Paint, wallpaper, and accent wall choices

Area rugs

All lighting fixtures

All decorative elements

Art selections (including wall decor)

An itemized shopping list with links

A step-by-step styling guide

Q&A post delivery follow up




Fill out an E-DESIGN INQUIRY form below, so the Designer may contact you within 24 hours via e-mail and confirm your design request. You will be asked to provide detailed room Information: room photo, a well-drawn sketch and all other important information about your space, budget constraints, desired interior goals, and styles that inspire you. You will then sign the E-Design agreement and make the payment to book the service. Once submitted, you will promptly receive an email confirming your payment, ensuring that your order is officially placed and in progress.


This one-on-one interaction allows you to explore different design options. You can provide input and suggestions while watching your space transform with detailed floor plans and mood boards. After clarifying the necessary design details, we will send you two style boards representing different design directions. Carefully review the style boards and and choose the design direction that resonates most with your vision and preferences. Once you’ve made your decision, inform us of your choice.

3 - Receive a Detailed Design Concept and Shopping List:

Upon confirming your final design choice, we will compile a comprehensive list of all the elements integrated from your selected style board. This detailed list includes furnishings, decor items, and materials, ensuring you have a clear understanding of every component chosen for your space.

Final mood board

Interior design style quiz

Find Out Which Style Suits You - Let’s get started and take this quick 10-questions quiz.
Please choose your favorite photo that suits your design style the most!
After completing it, It will help me to determine your interior design style that involves understanding your preferences and aesthetics.
Let's go!

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